I’ve worked to develop a new SDN applications in that monitors your own traffic and OpenFlow messages exchanged between HPE VAN SDN controller and OpenFlow switchs.

SDN applications will play a key role in network monitoring and management, going well beyond current tools.

With this application, you will gain a centralized view of the entire network traffic, even in a real time.

Unlike traditional network monitoring and management tools, OpenFlow provides a powerful tool set for configuring the network in a positively controlled system with multiple feedback loops for accuracy and confirmation.

Karim Sabbagh lives in Paris. After his study in Information Technologies in Tunisia, he started in the IT business in an American multinational enterprise information technology company. After more than 2 years, he moved to Qatar to join a Kuwaiti company as System Engineer to work in different fields and areas with different technologies, most of them DellEMC, VMware and Citrix Since then he gained more than 5 years of IT experience. Karim is with Metanext, a French company since 2019 where he now works as a Cloud and Virtualization Consultant. He is a specialist on infrastructures, and has much knowledge of business processes, systems management processes and integration issues. Karim follows trends and developments in his field closely. He is ITIL, DellEMC Cloud Architect Expert, DellEMC Midrange Storage Specialist, VMware VCP-DCV, HPE SDN, Nutanix Platform Professional and VxRail Specialist Certified.